Survey- Sports nutrition knowledge in the female endurance athlete

Naturopath Jessica Gammon


As a sports nutrition professional, I work with women to improve their sporting performance and enjoyment by optimising their nutrition and hormonal health. I assist recreational and elite athletes through workshops, online content and 1 on 1 consultations. Women are NOT ‘little men’ when it comes to sport nutrition and unfortunately there is little female specific support and educational information available.

I would like to hear about your struggles as a female endurance athlete (cycling, triathlon, distance running, etc.) and understand your level of sports nutrition knowledge. Your answers will allow me to tailor my online content (blog posts, social media, workshops) to better educate and support you in improving your performance.

FREE GIFT– As a thank you for your input, I offer you my full colour e-book “7 Sexy Training Recovery Recipes”- A selection of nutritious and easy to prepare meals. Instructions for downloading my book are at the end of the survey.

7 sexy recovery recipes e-book

The survey should take approx. 5 mins to complete.

If using a mobile device, the survey is best completed with your phone in landscape view.

Thank you!

Jessica Gammon BHSc, BE (Hons), BSc
Clinical Naturopath & Nutritionist