Sports Nutrition Services

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By working with me, you are likely to reach your sporting and training goals faster with more energy, more effective recovery, less injury and better competition performance. Please click here for more information on sports nutrition consultations and why you should choose me.

Initial consultation
** Includes free bio-impedance body composition analysis
60 mins$127
Follow up consultation45 mins$83

Ultimate Sports Performance Package

  • 4 consultations:
    • 1 x 60 min initial consultation
    • 1 x 45 min follow-up consult
    • 2 x 30 min follow-up consults
  • Compile performance goals
  • Optimise recovery nutrition to consolidate training gains
  • Pre-training nutrition for peak energy
  • Optimise training nutrition for your training program
  • Race/event day nutrition for peak performance
  • Hydration plan
  • 4 x bio-impedance body composition analysis to measure changes in body fat, muscle, bone and hydration
  • Problem solving- e.g. cramps, fatigue, soreness, poor performance

** Payment plan available 

2 months



Weight Management Program- 6 week introductory package
*Excludes any products
See Weight Management Program page for more information
6 weeks



Acute health condition initial consultation (new clients)
For minor health conditions with a sudden onset such as a cold or flu that you want to get over quickly!! These consultations can be performed online and your prescription picked up or delivered.
20 mins$49
Acute health condition consultation (existing clients)15 mins$39
Tailor made meal plan 
Performed during a consultation, this is a personalised 2 week meal plan complete with recipes and shopping list.
Bio-impedance analysis (without consultation)
Provides an assessment of fat, muscle, bone mass as well as visceral fat and hydration.
15 mins$35