Naturopathy Services

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By working with me, we focus on improving your well-being so you can reach your health goals such as improving your energy, sleep and mood, and reducing stress and anxiety. Please click here for more information on naturopathy consultations.

What to expect in an initial consultation?


Naturopathy Initial Wellness Starter Package (2 separate consultations)


  • Detailed Initial Consultation
  • In-House Testing
  • Wellness Assessment Report
  • Treatment Program

Refer here for detailed description.

60 mins
30 mins

Coaching Follow Up for Treatment Program

This is shorter session to allow for frequent assessment of progress (every 2 to 4 weeks), and to provide nutritional and lifestyle coaching according to the Treatment Program. This gives the best balance of value for money and fastest progress towards reaching your health goals.

25 mins$51
Re-Assessment & longer follow up consultation
These consults are scheduled as required when reaching the end of a phase in the Treatment Program.
45 mins$83
Acute health condition initial consultation (new clients)
For minor health conditions with a sudden onset such as a cold or flu. These consolations can be performed on Skype and your prescription picked up or delivered. Please notify me at time of your consultation.
20 mins$49
Acute health condition consultation (existing clients)15 mins$39
Weight Management Program- 6 week introductory package
*Excludes any products
See Weight Management Program page for more information
 6 weeks



Weight loss weekly check-in consultation
Includes a weight in, review of week’s diet and exercise, and recommendations for the week to come.
15 mins$35
Bio-impedance analysis (without consultation)
Provides an assessment of fat, muscle, bone mass as well as visceral fat and hydration.
15 mins$35
Children’s Initial Consultation (under 12)
Note: complex health conditions will require additional time and will be charged accordingly
45 mins$91

Refer to bookings page for payment information and policies.

Consultation fees do not include products.

Would you like me to speak at your workplace/ school/ group?

Public educational speaking to sporting groups, schools and corporate and private groups. Please inquire here if you would like further information. Click for a list of recommended topics