Cancellation/Rescheduling/No Show/Refund Policy

Current as of 31/12/18

In order to ensure optimum availability of appointments to clients, all bookings require at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment regardless of the method of booking.

Any appointment may be rescheduled or cancelled in person, online (via online booking app) or by phone up to 24 hours prior to that appointment. Text messages and emails are not considered appropriate ways to cancel an appointment.

All rescheduling, cancellation or no show fees will be recuperated from an existing deposit or charged to a client’s account and must be paid prior to or on the day of the client’s next appointment. Payment of this fee may also be pursued via a debt collection process. The clinic reserves the right to refuse any future appointment bookings should payment of fees not be made.

Cancellation Fees

Any booking cancelled within the 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the consultation fee.

A refund for any pre-paid consultations fees shall be provided if more than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation, however a 3% processing fee will be charged.

Rescheduling Fee

Any booking rescheduled within the 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment will be charged a fee of 50% of the value of the consultation fee. The owner reserves the right to limit the number of times that an appointment can be re-scheduled. Same-day appointment time changes are not considered to be cancellations and are permitted subject to availability.

Any appointment may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to the appointment at no additional cost.

No Show

Failure to present for a scheduled appointment will be considered a ‘No Show’ and will be treated as a cancellation and charged accordingly.

Appointment Confirmation

The clinic may conduct confirmation phone calls, SMS messages or emails 1-2 days prior to an appointment. Regardless of whether a confirmation exchange as received, should an appointment require rescheduling or cancellation within the 24 hour period prior to the appointment, fees will still apply as stated above.


There is no refund or credit provided for dispensed liquid herbals or supplements.

Products specially ordered for the client and not yet dispensed will incur a cancellation charge of $15 or 50% of the item recommended retail cost, or which ever is greater. Cancellation of products prior to ordering will incur a 5% cancellation fee.

Policy regarding refunds for packages are detailed below.

Package Cancellation/Refunds

Applicable packages include the Weight Management Program.

For cancellation of any package after purchase and during or prior to commencement:

  • There is no refund provided for products ordered or dispensed.
  • Unused consultation fees may be refunded. The refund amount is the total package cost minus EFTPOS processing fees, the value of attended/cancelled/no-show consultations (charged at full price), the value of any items not yet ordered (charged at full retail price) and a $10 processing fee.
  • Alternatively, a credit for unused consultations can be applied to the client’s account for future use.

Unless specified otherwise, package consultations must be used within 6 months of purchase otherwise the package and consultations/products are void.


Exceptions to this policy must be made with approval from the practitioner.


“The Clinic” refers to Vitamin J as per booking location.

“The Owner” refers to Jessica Gammon.