About Me

About Naturopath Jessica Gammon

Naturopath Jessica Gammon
Clinical Naturopath- Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), BE (Hons), BSc 

I am a degree qualified naturopath with an interest in all areas of health and a special interest in sports nutrition. I am registered with the Australian Natural Therapies Association and private health insurance rebates are available.

My practice has a strong evidence base and is designed to optimise patient outcomes and quality of life. I  empower my clients to follow their own path towards health and wellbeing and provide education and support along the way.

I actively seek out the latest scientific evidence relating to  general nutrition, sports nutrition and herbal and nutritional supplementation for optimal client care.


I believe in identifying and treating the root cause of disease with nutritional and lifestyle interventions for long term management. Along the way tools such as personalised herbal medicine and nutritional supplements may be used to support the body to heal and optimise function.

What is naturopathy?

Sports Nutrition

The precise nature of sports nutrition and how this can be applied to maximise performance resonates well with my engineering brain (I was an engineer in my previous career). Endurance exercise is my special interest including cycling, triathlon and marathon, however I enjoy working with athletes of all sports, levels and goals.

What can I expect from a Sports Nutrition consultation?

My History

I have always been fascinated with the intricate workings of the human body and how to optimise its function.

I completed a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science at UWA and I worked as an engineer/project manager for nearly 10 years. In this time I realised that I spent my time serving the best interest of companies and helping my clients in their work life. I felt the need to help individuals in their life as a whole and hence the change to a holistic discipline like naturopathy that focuses on our mind and body.

I have competed nationally at two sports in my 20’s (aerobic gymnastics and cheer leading) and now enjoy road cycling with some amateur racing goals.