coconut oil moisturiser

Naturopath’s Favourite Moisturiser

What if I told you that my favourite moisturiser costs less than $10 for a year’s supply?

It leaves your skin glossy, hydrated and your can choose your own scent.

Do you find that your current moisturiser leaves your skin dry after a couple of hours?

Moisturisers on the Market

Fancy water

If you look at the ingredients of most commercial moisturisers you will see that the major constituent is aqua (water). So we are paying $20+ every month  for a bottle/jar of water. They may feel nice to apply but we frequently notice that our skin is dry a few hours later.

Nasty sounding chemicals

Many moisturisers contain a list of chemicals with unpronounceable names. Some of these may be harmless, some can be irritating to individuals and some are shown to be harmful. This is another post topic in its self.

Expensive packaging

The price of a product does not necessarily dictate the quality or efficacy. The packaging may be pretty but does it work?

My Ideal Body Moisturiser

COCONUT OIL! It may sound like it leaves your skin oily but I have a special way of applying it (see below).

Hot showers can take the natural oils from our skin and cold/dry such as air-conditioned air can leave our skin dehydrated. Applying coconut oil replaces some of the natural oils and prevents further dehydration.

Would you like a scent? Add a couple of drops of an essential oil to a small container of oil and mix. My favourite is rose geranium.

How to apply

I keep a bottle of oil in the shower in summer to pour into my palm. In winter I keep it in a small tub so I can scoop a little out.

  1. After showering and before towel drying, apply 1-2 tsp to your palm (or scoop out if solid and warm between your hands).
  2. Rub over your legs, arms and torso, allowing the water to help spread the oil.
  3. Towel dry.

The result- glossy (but not oily) skin that stays this way all day!

Give it a go today (you probably have some in your cupboard) and share this great tip with your friends.

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